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Warren County Animal Removal Services

Animal Removal offers wildlife control services with humane solutions to the animal problems on your property. We offer both residential and commercial animal control.


Animal Removal Services

One thing that makes Warren County, Ohio incredible is our vibrant wildlife.

Unfortunately, sometimes wild animals like to make their way inside. When nuisance animals get into your home, they cause damage, chaos, and health risks.

Bats in your attic can ruin your insulation, squirrels on your roof and your property chew wires and drive pets crazy, and raccoons in your garbage can give you the fright of your life. Protect your property with Warren County animal removal by our wildlife experts.

Animal Remover Is Here to Help

We also provide damage repair and prevention in addition to removal services. Find peace of mind knowing that our fully licensed staff can help you return life to norma

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Humane Wildlife Removal Services

Though our certified staff is prepared to handle many types of wild animals, here are some of the most common calls that we get for our wildlife control services.


Warren County Bat Removal

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Bats gain entry into house and attic spaces. Then they nest, damaging your insulation and leaving behind droppings that cause foul odors.

Our bat exclusion process helps you get rid of your bat infestation. Then, you can restore your attic to a pristine condition and remove the odor with our repair, deodorization and disinfection services.

Warren County Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are one of the cleverest examples of nuisance wildlife. They can get into your garbage, make your porch their new vacation home, and even get into your home.

Animal Remover uses these humane methods to trap these wild animals and remove them from your home: Weight based traps and species-targeted bait. Once the animal has been removed, we can install vent guards and chimney caps to prevent future wildlife issues.


Warren County Squirrel Removal

Call Animal Remover immediately when you suspect squirrels have gotten into your home.

Whether they have invaded your attic or taken up space in your vent hood or chimney, squirrels can cause chaos in any space. These small animals chew wiring in houses which could even lead to a house fire. They may be small, but the problems they create can be massive. So, call our critter control team today.

Warren County Attic Animals

Though a variety of wildlife can invade your attic space and cause trouble, quickly calling in wildlife control services can minimize the damage.

Not only can Animal Remover humanely remove the wildlife on your property, but they can also mitigate the damage left behind. We can also handle dead animal removal and attic restoration work to bring your property back to its pre-invasion condition.


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While the presence of unwanted wildlife on your property can feel scary and overwhelming, our wildlife experts are here to help.

Contact us for humane animal removal services in Warren County.