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Kettering Animal Removal Services

Your animal problem is something we can effectively resolve. Our fully licensed and insured wildlife specialists can provide you with a wide range of services: residential animal removal or commercial animal removal, dead animal removal, attic restoration, animal proofing, etc.


Animal Removal Services

Wildlife can be beautiful to see from a distance, but when they start causing problems for people and their property, they need to be removed.

It’s not always easy to get rid of wild animals that have become a nuisance. They can be dangerous, and sometimes it’s hard to know what to do.

Animal Remover is the perfect solution for getting rid of troublesome wildlife quickly and safely. Our Kettering animal removal services are your answer!

Why Call Animal Remover?

We have years of experience in dealing with these animals, and our team of experts will work diligently to ensure that the removal process is as safe and stress-free as possible. We are proud to service the entire Montgomery County Ohio region.

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Wildlife Pest Control Services Kettering Ohio

Our services don’t end with animal trapping. Our knowledgeable team can then help with damage repair, deodorization, and disinfection. Then our technician will animal-proof any entry points to prevent these pests from returning.


Bat Removal and Control

While they are generally harmless, bats can pose a serious public health risk.

They can carry a variety of diseases, including rabies, and their droppings can contaminate food and water supplies. They also cause significant damage to buildings as the animals gnaw on electrical wiring and insulation.

Contact our wildlife removal team if bats are found on your property.

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Raccoon Removal

Raccoons may look cute, but they can be destructive.

They’re known for rummaging through garbage bins as well as carrying diseases like rabies. In addition, raccoons can cause structural damage when they take up residence in crawl spaces, attics, or under porches.

Keep your family, pets, and property safe by calling our critter control team today.


Squirrel Removal

Squirrels get into everything.

These critters, along with rats and other rodents are known for gnawing on whatever they can find. You may be forced to replace insulation if they get into your attic. More worrisome is if squirrels chew your wiring and cause a fire.

Our local professionals have the expertise to complete squirrel and mice removal efficiently. So, give us a call today.

Animal in the Attic

Your attic or any enclosed space may attract wild animals searching for shelter, food, or a place to raise their young.

When nuisance animals access your attic, your insulation may be damaged, resulting in higher utility costs. These wild animals can also bring along disease putting residents in danger. Don’t put off kicking out these unwelcome guests.

Call our critter control team today to serve them an eviction notice.


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Solve your animal problem and get your property restored to its original condition.

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