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Monroe Animal Removal Services

Animal Remover is a company of wildlife experts in Monroe who are here to help you with your animal problems. Whether you’ve already got bats in your attic or you would like to prevent them, we are here to help.


Animal Removal Services

At first, you may have thought the noises you heard in the attic were your imagination. But they continued.

When you saw the bat fly out over your porch, you knew. You’ve got animals in the attic of your beautiful home (or business).

Let Animal Remover help you solve your nuisance wildlife problem today with our effective Monroe animal removal services.

Experts to Solve Your Wild Animal Problem

Our wildlife removal professionals offer both commercial animal removal and residential animal removal service. So, if you’re located in Butler and Warren County Ohio, give us a call.

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Wildlife Control Services in Monroe Ohio

Animals frequently use weak points in the exterior of our structure as opportunities to find nesting places. Once there, they can cause noisy disturbances, leave foul odors from droppings and dead animal carcasses, and more.

Our teams are capable of handling a variety of native animals. Whether your problem is birds, bees, rodents, snakes, or you need dead animal removal, our wildlife experts can evaluate your situation and come up with a plan. Here are some examples of our most common calls:


Monroe, OH Bat Removal

Take action quickly if you’re faced with a bat infestation.

These creepy critters can leave oil marks on your property as well as damage your insulation. They also transmit disease, particularly through their droppings (bat guano). We remove the animal and ensure that it cannot return. We also offer a deodorization and disinfection service.

Contact us for our practical and effective bat exclusion process.

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Monroe, OH Raccoon Removal

These adorable trash pandas are as troublesome as they are cute.

Aside from making a mess in your garbage, they can also gain entry into your home, create holes in your drywall, and cause a lot of damage. Our animal trapping method allows us to remove them with minimal stress and repair the damage they’ve left behind.

Schedule your animal removal service today.

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Monroe, OH Squirrel Removal

Avoid the fright of finding a squirrel or other rodent in your vent hood.

Small animals such as squirrels can easily find openings to invade your home. Beyond the noise, they can also cause damage with their teeth and leave behind a mess with their droppings.

Let our critter control team help with squirrel or mice removal at your property.

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Monroe, OH Animal in Attic

The damage an animal in the attic can leave in its wake is extensive.

Trampled insulation becomes ineffective, which can negatively impact the efficiency of your HVAC system. The droppings and carcasses they leave behind create foul odors and leave the possibility of disease.

Let us remove the animal, repair the damage and return you to the peace of mind you enjoyed before.

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Animal Removal Services in Monroe Oh

Do you have an animal problem? Or would you like to prevent one? Then contact us online or call us today for effective animal removal services in Monroe OH.

Let us ensure that the nature you enjoy stays where it belongs: outside your home or business.