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Trotwood Animal Removal Services

Our experts are on a mission to make sure your home or business stays pest free. From animal trapping to dead animal removal, we have the expertise to safely handle residential animal removal or commercial animal removal.


Animal Removal Services

In beautiful Trotwood, Ohio, wildlife is abundant. But if you’re anything like us here at Animal Remover, we prefer the wildlife to stay in the wild!

When a wild animal takes up residence at your home or business, it can become dangerous and expensive.

If you have an animal problem, we have the solution. Call us today for professional Trotwood animal removal services.

A Trusted Animal Removal Service in Ohio

Our professionals are standing by ready to help remove nuisance animals from your Montgomery County Ohio property. So, give us a call today.

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Wildlife Pest Control Service in Trotwood Ohio

Our experienced team has dealt with all sorts of animals, from rats and snakes to raccoons and birds. We understand how frustrating and even dangerous these situations can be, so we’ll do everything we can to make sure your property is safe and animal-free.

We can also help with clean-up, damage repair, and prevention methods. So, give us a call today and let us take care of your animal problem!


Trotwood Bat Removal

Bat colonies frequently invade home and business attics.

These creatures are often seen as pests due to the property damage they can cause. In addition, they can also carry diseases that pose a risk to human and pet health. Our complete services involve removing bat droppings, getting rid of bat roosts and bat proofing to prevent bats from returning.

If you think you have a bat problem, then contact our critter control team today.

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Raccoon Removal

These furry bandits are tough to outwit.

They enter your attic, basement, garbage, and hang out on your porch in search for food and shelter. They leave messes, property damage, and can also transmit rabies.

Call our wildlife control specialists today to help with your raccoon problem.


Squirrel Removal

Despite their small size, squirrels are quick and clever and can quickly become a problem.

These and other rodents often chew on power lines and electric cords, causing problems in attic areas. They are also known for digging holes in your yard to store their food. In addition, they can potentially transmit diseases to you and your household pets.

Squirrel or mice removal is a job for a certified professional, so call us today to resolve your issues.

Animals in The Attic

Unfortunately, wildlife can make its way into your house and begin destroying our attic insulation.

Ohio winters are cold, and insulation damaged by wildlife can quickly increase heating expenses for your Trotwood home or business. Animals in the attic can also leave a foul odor, structural damage, noisy disturbances, and health hazards

So, don’t delay in dealing with your animal invader. Call us today!


Animal Removal Services in Trotwood OH

If you’re tired of dealing with the expense and dangers of wildlife invading your space, then call our qualified team.

Our technicians are ready to help with animal removal services in Trotwood OH.