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Wright Patterson AFB Animal Removal Services

Why bother with animal removal service when you can just set out a few traps and be done with it? Our animal removal service is performed by wildlife removal experts. We get the job done quickly, efficiently, and affordably.


Animal Removal Services

Life on the Wright Patterson Air Force Base is pretty good, but wild animals can change that pretty quickly.

Without proper critter control, a family of raccoons, mice, etc can infest your home/building and begin wreaking havoc.

You can stop the infestation immediately thanks to our Wright Patterson AFB animal removal services.

Expert Wildlife Pest Control Team

We’re available throughout Greene County Ohio for commercial animal removal and residential animal removal service. So, call our critter control team today.

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Relocate Pesky Wild Animals from Wright Patterson AFB Ohio

It’s never been easier for you to deal with wild animals than when you schedule Animal Remover’s animal removal service. We specialize in animal trapping, clean-up, and repairs resulting from animal damage. We can also animal-proof your home or business to keep unwanted critters out for good.

From birds and snakes to rats and raccoons, we have the experience and equipment to safely and efficiently remove any problem animals from your property. Give us a call today for a free consultation!


Bat Control

Have bats taken over your building? Then it’s time to call in professional help.

These creatures can also cause a great deal of damage to property. Their droppings can contain harmful bacteria that can lead to disease. In addition, bat populations can quickly get out of control, leading to infestations in homes and businesses.

Call our professional bat removal and cleanup service today to regain control of your space.

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Wright Patterson AFB Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are one of the most common nuisance animals in our area.

They are known to cause damage to property, pets, and humans. They will rummage through garbage cans, overturn compost bins, and tear up gardens in search of food. They will also build dens in attics, crawl spaces, and under decks.

Let us help you get rid of raccoons safely and effectively.


Squirrel Removal

Get rid of squirrels and rats before they ruin the wiring in your vehicles and buildings.

Wire and fire hazards are only part of the problems that these creatures bring. Their sharp teeth can also cause damage to wooden structures within or around your home. They also have the potential to spread harmful diseases to you and your pets.

Let us help with pesky squirrels and mice removal. Schedule your service today.

Animal in the Attic

If you have a wild animal in your attic, it can cause a lot of damage.

The animal will urinate and defecate in the insulation, which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. The animal may also chew on wires and pipes, which can create a fire hazard. In addition, the animal may damage the structure of your attic, causing leaks and other problems.

If you suspect that you have a wild animal in your attic, give us a call to remove it and repair the resulting damage.


Affordable Animal Removal Services on Wright Patterson AFB OH

You have easy access to a team that can handle all of your wildlife concerns.

Contact our team of experts today for animal removal services on Wright Patterson AFB OH.